Celtic Birth Tree Cards

His deep interest in the ancient Celts and their Celtic Calendar encouraged Michael Joy, on his retirement from a career in the public sector, to study the subject in some depth. His results are encapsulated in 13 cards depicting the trees linked with each of the 28 day cycles of the Celtic year.

Birch : December 24th to January 20th
Rowan : January 21st to February 17th
Ash : February 18th to March 17th
Alder : March 18th to April 14th
Willow : April 15th to May 12th
Hawthorn : May 13th to June 9th
Oak : June 10th to July 7th
Holly : July 8th to August 4th
Hazel : August 5th to September 1st
Vine : September 2nd to September 29th
Ivy : September 30th to October 27th
Reed : October 28th to November 24th
Elder : November 25th to December 23rd

These cards are ready for framing or as a keepsake for a special person in your life. They denote the Birth Tree associated with each of the 13 periods which made up the Celtic year; the particular characteristics applying to the person whose birthday falls in the period and a list of some of the notable people who share the same birth tree.

The one page cards are printed on both sides and the reverse contains an outline of the Celts and their culture. The cards are printed on 350gsm and are standard A5 size: 148mm x 210 mm (5 7/8 " x 8 1/4”). They are extremely unique gifts and come to you together with an envelope and gift card direct from rural Clonakilty in West Cork.